About Twist Training


In every business first impressions count. People make judgements in the blink of an eye. Therefore creating a great work place where people enjoy working together towards a common goal needs a training programme that works for both employers and staff. That’s what really makes the difference between ‘okay and outstanding’. It’s an old cliché that little things mean a lot but instilling a sense of collective responsibility in a team is what elevates good organisations to be become great organisations. It’s training that encourages people to get involved. 

And that’s where we come in. We’re poachers turned gamekeepers to a certain extent because we’ve learnt the hard lessons hands on, enabling us to seamlessly deliver and make a real difference to your business. Our experience, involvement and passion as your training partner will benefit your business. 

If you look at any organisation, irrespective of the quantum leaps technology has taken, there’s an element of ‘human interaction’ involved at some stage. You could argue that in an increasingly faceless electronic age, it’s THE one thing that can make a difference for your organisation and its no difference whether its customer service or statutory compliance. 

Starting off as just myself Twist has expanded into a team of like minded associates with the same vision, values and enthusiasm for what we do.  This enables Twist to offer you a cost effective service to a high standard. If you require further information on any of our trainers qualifications please do not hesitate to ask. 

Twist - Training Which Inspires Supports & Transforms 

We believe that training courses should be memorable for all the right reasons!